I Disagree With Trump, but On Abortion, He’s Intellectually Consistent

So people decided to get all uppity about Trump saying women who get abortions should be punished if abortions are illegal.

Trump is an asshole and is not fit for presidency under our republic, but this righteous indignation about what he said is ludicrous.

I disagree with criminalizing drug sales and prostitution, but do we not, under the law, punish both the sellers of drugs and the consumer? Do we not punish both sex worker and John?

So why in the hell is there a disconnect among people who think abortion is murder and Trump’s stance? The issue isn’t that Trump is wrong. If you think abortion is murder and the states make that public policy decision to make it murder or make it illegal to participate in the act of having and performing an abortion, why in the holy hell is the consumer end of the criminal activity not being punished?

Trump just showed the anti-abortion demographic that they’re not really all in on being against murder of the unborn.

And this article linked above and the Republican Party commentariat completely fail at noticing that. Mostly because people would rather just feel better about themselves after another Trumpgasm.