Captain America, Steve Rogers, A Hydra Agent? Fuck Marvel

So Marvel is turning Captain America into a Nazi agent and were inspired by the current election cycle.

In the zeitgeist of the moment that we’re in, in the middle of sort of a very volatile election cycle where there’s a lot of strange things going on in the world of politics, and the world and the country, it feels kind of appropriate, kind of right timing-wise, that you could get a revelation like this and it not feel out of step with where the nation happens to be in the moment. – Tom Brevoort

Marvel does well with large moral questions, but does absolutely terribly when it tries to do current event commentary. That’s why their books which exploited 3rd wave feminist raging and anti-video gamer sentimentality ended up getting cancelled or dropping enough in sales that they had to change writers and artists.

That is clearly going to be a commentary on Trump. And comic book fans are going to be livid. Absolutely livid. Because current event commentary in comic books suck. Not because of the positions the writers will take, but because it signals and demands bad writing.

If this is the case, that Marvel is going to continue with this crap where their writers concentrate on being explicit and overt with their moralism and social commentary instead of writing good stories and creating good characters, I’m done with Marvel comics for good.