#OregonUnderAttack Or Something I Don’t Really Care About

It’s incredibly stupid that a bunch of dumb people with guns decided to take over a federal building in the middle of nowhere in Oregon, where the only people in danger from violence are those very people and the federal officials who might bother to give a shit about that takeover, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I’ve seen people try to make comparisons to a bunch of black people in an inner city taking over a building and how, if that happened, the police would have already raided the building and killed all of the black people.

A bunch of dumb people with guns in the middle of nowhere aren’t a danger to the greater public. They’re a danger to themselves.

A bunch of people in the middle of a city pointing their guns out into the city is a completely different matter. That’s a danger to not just themselves, but the general public.

The best solution for this “standoff” in The Middle of Nowhere, Oregon is not a bunch of tear gas, a bunch of guns blazing, a bunch of drone strikes, hell, not even a fuck to be given. Literally fence them in out of the range of their guns, turn off their electricity, water, and sewage, and build a prison around them. If they’re so set on staying in that summer home cottage called a “federal building” in The Middle of Nowhere, Oregon, let them. They’ve committed felonies; build their prison around them.

But don’t be that dickhead that makes a bigger deal about it than it is. Because nobody gave a fuck about that first dead person from a homicide in 2016 that happened in Chicago. Nobody will give a fuck about the first person to be shot and killed by a police officer in the United States, most likely because that person is statistically likely to be a white person (despite the fact you’re more likely to be shot while being black, far more white people are shot by police, but nobody cares because nobody should care all that much).

Don’t be that dickhead that pretends to be up in arms about a bunch of idiots being idiots in the middle of the forest. If nobody’s there to give a fuck, no fucks would be given.