Female Game Characters We Love to Love

TheGG.net, in An Open love Letter to Female Game Characters – Past, Present and Future, listed a few lovely ladies in video games I’d like to mention as some of my favorite.

I wish Square Enix​ would remaster Parasite Eve (Aya Brea). My wife and I loved that game to death. Parasite Eve 2 was a monstrosity that shouldn’t have existed, though.


Samus Aran will always be one of the most beloved female game characters, but the Metroid games need to come back stronger. Nintendo has been dropping the ball; we need a good return to Metroid’s roots.

It’d be nice if American McGee would remaster American McGee’s Alice, but I’d take a continuation of the game story beyond the 2011 sequel.

I didn’t get to play Nariko from Heavenly Sword, but I wish I had. I watched the “full animation movie” of the game and was fascinated by it. I didn’t appreciate that type of game until years later, too, which makes it even worse for me.

I want to get a Wii U so we can play Bayonetta. Those games and the character Bayonetta is right up our alley. She’s sexy, powerful, and the game is raunchy enough for us pervs.

I’m surprised there aren’t any Final Fantasy female characters in the list. There are so many good ones that people love. None from Final Fantasy IV (Rydia, Rosa) , VI (Terra, Celes), VII (Tifa, Aerith, Yuffie), or X (Yuna, Lulu) were listed – and all of them had lovable, memorable female characters.

I hope to play many more games with female characters. Most of the characters I play in World of Warcraft are female. I simply love their animations and the way they look better than the clunky looking male characters (especially for Horde).

The idea that there aren’t women in games design (many are artists!) and there aren’t women in video games (hello!?) is ludicrous on its face, let alone when you start listing them. Sure, there are many more male characters than female characters in all of gaming, but most games tend to be about war and, regrettably, men are usually the ones who wage them and participate in them. It’s only obvious that men would be the ones to get bloody in the video games about them.

Still, I’ll play a female Blood Elf Paladin any day.