Amazon Beer Acai Stout

This is the first blog entry from a good friend who has decided to start writing about beverages from an economist’s perspective.

An Economist Drinks


Thought I’d start off the blog with a special brew.  This is Amazon Beer’s Acai Stout.

I purchased this beer last year on my trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Beer in Brazil is utterly dominated Brahma and Skol, representing about 98% of the market, and the slack is made up of various import macro brews (Heineken was particularly popular).  This is largely due to political regimes that see fit to protect entrenched industries against competition.  This industrial policy is an extension of Brazil’s generally incoherent idea about how to provide social welfare.  Since I visited Brazil, the political fortunes of the country have largely gone down the tubes, and inflation is much higher and increasing.  However, the alcohol laws in Brazil (or at least Sao Paulo) are very lax.  There is no liquor licensing system, and in most placed alcohol can be consumed in the streets.

Brazil’s craft brewing industry is…

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